Week 24 – Lessons from Dad

To all the great dads out there – try to kick back and relax a little today. Do what makes you happy. Grill something. Drill something. Hit some golf balls. Catch some fish. Take a nap. Eat some bacon. Hug your kids. Whatever it is, enjoy your day!

Whether he knew he was teaching them or not, my own Dad has instilled in me plenty of lessons about living, and today, I’ll leave just a few of them with you:

1. Life is not fair. – No explanation necessary. He was the first to speak it to me, and it’s nothing but true.

2. Never assume. It just makes and ass out of you and me. – Can you see it? It’s right there in the word: Ass-u-me. And it’s true. How many mistakes and humiliating moments are borne of assumption??

3. A dinner of popcorn and grapes is sometimes perfectly acceptable.

4. Think before you speak. We are ponderers, me and my dad. It’s a trait I happen to really appreciate. My own personal opinion is that it saves us from plenty of embarrassing moments, allows us to cool down, and keeps us a little more even keel when it comes to sticky situations.

5. Some jobs are best done with either: a) and ice-cold beer in one hand, or b) one hand in your pocket. And if you’re in the mood, you can really kick it up a notch by whistling too.

6. Some days, blasting the music really, really loud in your car can make the whole wold feel like a better place.

7. Writing is personal – Although there are plenty of rules to writing, ultimately, once you understand them, it’s about your own particular style.

8. Follow through on the rules you set. If you say it, mean it.

9. Help others

10. Live generously.


Dads are full of wisdom – what’s one of your favorite things your dad taught you?

4 thoughts on “Week 24 – Lessons from Dad

  1. My dad has taught me that going to the dump can be pretty cool…we went this morning and enjoyed our time together. Also, hugs are essential through the ups and downs of life. Great post miss!

    • Aww. Very sweet. I’ve never been to the dump with my dad, but he used to take us to the recycling center, which we always thought was pretty awesome. There was plenty of hands-in-pocket/whistling going on for those outings! Love the essential hugs too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the nice post, Sara. I love you.
    And because I do, I should add a lesson recently learned:
    Don’t whistle while a beer’s at your lips.
    It makes the melody unrecognizable.

    • 😀
      Love you too – I’ll keep that in mind, next time I consider trying it. I’ve also learned that almost nothing gets done if you have an ice cold beer in one hand and the other hand in your pocket. Unless you’re just listening or talking. . . .

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