Week who-knows-what, and “De-cluttering” rhymes with “welp”. . . . Wait, what?

I’ll give you one guess to figure out what this is.


Yup. It’s a bowl (plate) of fruit.

This is the recipe:

4 bananas, 3 pears, 3 clementines, 2 starfruits, and 1 hand painted plate from Mexico that your BFF unearthed from the dark recesses of the kitchen cupboard 4 weeks ago.

Feel free to improvise.

Remember when I said I had become a great housekeeper and the trick involved something that rhymed with “welp”?

Did that throw you off? It’s help. Welp rhymes with HELP.

Poor Lara was a little hurt when she read that.

“Lara” does not rhyme with “welp”.

“Help” rhymes with “welp”.

It was help. That’s how I morphed into a good housekeeper, and help came to me in the form of my friend Lara.

She blew through my house a bit like a whirlwind and whipped it into shape.

Now I must maintain. I must maintain. I must maintain. I must. . . .

You get it.

It’s  a bit of a struggle for me.

But new habits take 30 days to solidify. I am on day. . . what?

Lord help me.

I must maintain. . . .

Ah, right, but the fruit plate – why am I even showing you this?

Because Lara pulled it out, put fruit on it, and placed it front and center on our dining room table.

Two things happened as a result:

  1. The kids dove into the fruit as though they had never even seen fruit before.
  2. I started using a plate that had been doing nothing but collecting dust for the last ten years.

She told me that when she’s weeding through and trying to eliminate clutter, she pulls something out that’s been idle for a while and puts it to use. If it works and she likes it, she keeps it – if not, it’s out.

Nice rule.

I’ll use it.

And I’m keeping my plate.


P.S. There’s no way I am even attempting to make up all those weeks of the 52 that I missed. I’m sorry, and thank you. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Week who-knows-what, and “De-cluttering” rhymes with “welp”. . . . Wait, what?

  1. Wise words to live by, just wish I could get myself to the point of parting with the clutter 🙂 Yippee for the new old fruit plate!!!

  2. What a sweet post! I love the recipe and the fact that the plate is still being used! (It is a very pretty plate after all. 😉

    Thank you for the shout out and the kind words.

    I love you and your fam,…and your formerly messy house too! xoxo

    • Love you too – and “formerly messy” is right! I’ve even gotten some compliments on my new hk skills!! Thanks for the kick in the fanny!

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