Wanting More

wanting more

“. . . I realized that you can get so used to certain luxuries that you start to think they’re necessities, but when you have to forgo them, you come to see that you don’t need them after all.  There was a big difference between needing things and wanting things — though a lot of people had trouble telling the two apart. . . .” – Lily Casey Smith, in Half Broke Horses, by Jeanette Walls

I realize this is not a great picture.

It’s okay with me though, because it’s a perfect reminder.

I sometimes think I need a new camera.

I think we need new patio furniture.

I think we need this and that. Ooh, and that too. . . .

But the truth is, we don’t.

We don’t need any of that.

We are just fine where we are.

We are better than fine.

We, after all, have two sweet plastic thrones, twinkle lights, and an old wooden playset with a circus-tented, high-up perch to sit upon.

What does one need, beyond that really?

3 thoughts on “Wanting More

    • I know! I bookmarked 4 or 5 different pages in one night. Lily was one tough cookie. Not sure I admire her, exactly, but wow. I’m impressed with her gumption and backbone!

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