When the Painting Bug Bites

sometimes I paintSometimes I get a painting bug.

Norah Jones, Adele, and Sarah McLachlan are usually involved. Sometimes we invite Jack Johnson, Cat Stephens, or The Samples to the party. Every now and then things get whacky and Miles Davis or Dizzy Gillespie might show up.

Male singers are only sometimes guests.

I’m a mostly-mellow, female-background-music type painter.

And, if we’re admitting to habits here, almost always some kind of chewy fruit candy is part of the situation.

It’s all about relaxation and peace within.

sometimes I paint

This time around the idea was about flowers and what they symbolize, (inspired by this book). It was a gift of prayer. An underlayer of words and an overlayer of wishes painted in botanicals.

Often something will come out ↑, then get painted over:
sometimes I paint And over:

sometimes I paint

(A little drastic, hmmm? The blue just wasn’t doin’ it for me.)

Then I decide I like the layers underneath. I like the layers on top, I’ve made myself sick on candied fruit slices, and I want to punch Norah Jones in the face.

It’s a sure sign this painting’s done.


P.S. Just for the record – I never really want to punch Norah Jones in the face – but I do listen to her ad nauseam when I paint. Although, the nausea might be from the candy. . . .

and P.P.S. I know I’m off topic here. Painting? No food, or odd-ball crafty how-to? But NaBloPoMo, dudes. The challenge of posting every. single. day. has got me scratching my brain and digging deep into cob-webbed territory.

Honestly though, you don’t need me to tell you how to do it. Find some music, getchesself a canvas and some cheap acrylic paint, and slap it around. Oh, and keep a steady supply of sugar at your side.

Inspired? I get most of my art supplies here, but Michaels and Joanne’s have everything you need. Walmart and Oriental Trading do too, and they’re easier on the wallet.

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