Pure, Unadulturated Homemade Cashew Butter

Pure, Homemade Cashew Butter

I think I might be allergic to sugar. Homemade cashew butter, step 1

I know. I’m having heart palpitations too.

Thank you for your sympathetic panic.

And by allergic, I mostly mean it makes me angry.

I think.

It was either the sugar, or the sulfur dioxide in the half bag of dried mangoes I chowed the other day. cashew butter step 2

It made me want to punch something.

Or it could have been lack of sleep.

Or I was hungry.

OK. So it might not have been the sugar.

PH the hew. (that’s “phew” to those who need interpretation. . .).Homemade cashew butter, step 3

Because all I’m going to say is you need to make this cashew butter.

Not just for the cashew butter itself, but because soon, I’m going to bust out a recipe for a chocolate loaf that’s going to make you sing like Stephen Tyler.

No, seriously.

Even if you’re not a Paleo eater or a caveman,Homemade Cashew Butter, step 4 you are going to love this loaf.


So get your cashews and your food processor, and get prepared.

It’s a top-notch day when baking chocolate bread is on the to-do list.

Oh, and a shout out to my boys – “Hey Boys!!” – Homemade Cashew Butter, step 5who chuckled themselves silly last night as we browsed my favorite food blogs together and they pointed out how every last little crumb was staged.

Oh yeah.

I staged ’em boys.

Those cashews are meticulously placed.

All you’re going to need in order to make this Homemade Cashew Butter, Step 6cashew butter happen, is raw cashews and a food processor.

A heavy-duty blender does the trick nicely too.

And all you have to do to make it happen, is add the cashews to the bowl, (it doesn’t even matter how much you use. Randomly choose if you’re feeling edgy. I went with 3 cups of raw nuts),  then whir, whir, scrape, whir, scrape again, whir some more, scrape, and whiiiiiiirrrrrrr.


Recipe? We don’t need no stinkin’ recipe.

3 thoughts on “Pure, Unadulturated Homemade Cashew Butter

  1. I have done peanut butter and almond butter, but never cashew butter. I should try this, but I will have to hide the nuts from cashew loving husband! I can hardly wait for the chocolate loaf recipe. Is it done yet?

    How about now? 🙂

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