Our Pic Party!

Guys, we have an actual party on our hands!

Thank you, to all (Jennifer) who responded voluntarily.

And thank you to all (everyone else) who submitted to my guilt trip.

I have the best guilt-ridden (and one not) friends EVAR.

Dive in to the pics – and thanks again guys, for turning our two person party into a six person shindig!

Berries (Jennifer from Jenn’s Random Scraps)

All Things Are Better In Quantity All Things Are Better In Quantity (Amy)

Cyclops Avatar

Cyclops Avatar (Jillian of Cupcakes are the New Black, and Non-Sequiturism) Thank you Jill! This is your SHOUT OUT because I didn’t call you out by name yesterday. I should have. See? You have an avatar with a rose-quartz visor and everything!


Untitled (Jenni)


Bench (Elizabeth of Sugar Hero)
(The bench, as per Elizabeth’s description, is covered with quotes and messages of love.)
And I remember when I said I might pick a participant to whom I might send a thank you gift? Well I did. I used an online random name selector thingy-dingy and it picked Elizabeth.
E? You lucky duck. You get an odd, and probably bizzare, thank you gift from me to you. We need to get in touch so I can collect your info!
Thanks again everyone! Happy Sunday!

5 thoughts on “Our Pic Party!

  1. Hey there Lovie,
    I’m sorry I didn’t submit to your pic party. It has taken me everything in my power to post one photo on my own blog in the week. I LOVE all of the photos though, all of your witty update, and, of course, you. xoxo

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