Bird Seed Ornaments. . . fer the burds

Bird Seed Ornaments  - Pretty little ornaments for outside. Great craft gift for kids to make!We did this ↑ last week.

Bird seed ornaments It was fun.

And simple.

I didn’t have to bake anything for the kids to get their schmear on.

Bird Seed Ornaments It’s a delightful little gift for anyone who has a backyard with even a smidgen of nature flitting about out there.

Bird seed ornaments - a quick, fun, simple, and pretty little craft-gift for kids to make! My grandparents have a morning routine of sitting at their kitchen table sipping coffee as they gaze out the front window at the forest across the driveway.

Bird Seed Ornaments - a quick, simple, pretty, and fun little craft-gift for kids to make!Now they’ll be able to watch the birds snack on treats made with love, three thousand miles away, by little great-grandchildren fingers.

That’s kind of neat.

Bird Seed Ornaments. . . fer the burds


  • slices of bread
  • bird seed (we used the generic mix for small birds)
  • creamy peanut butter
  • cookie cutters
  • ribbon
  • ornament hooks (optional)


Cut shapes out of individual slices of bread. Cut a hole in the center of each shape for the ribbon.

Bake bread pieces at 300 degrees F until they are dry and firm, but it's not necessary for them to be brown. I didn't time this when I did it, but I did rounds of 5-10 minutes in toaster oven. You can skip this step if the ornaments are going outside immediately. I did it mostly to slow down any chance of them molding, since mine were going in the mail. It also made them lighter, which is probably a good thing.

Spread each shape with a thin layer of peanut butter on one side. Sprinkle bird seed over peanut butter and press it in lightly.

If desired, repeat on other side.

Tie with ribbon.

We allowed ours to sit out and air dry for a few days in hopes that the peanut butter would dry up a little bit. Again, we did this mostly because we were sending them in the mail, it's not necessary if they are going right outside.

Hang in your favorite tree, and get your binoculars ready!

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