Almost Easter, an Almost Fast, and A New Camera

We’re two days away from Easter.

About a week and a half ago, two things happened:

1. I started this post, and

2. I GOT A NEW CAMERA!!! (lots of jumping and clapping here and squeaking like a tickled monkey)

Numero dos is the reason for the severe lapse in posting.

“New Camera” also means the clearing of memory space on my computer for new programs and new photos. Which means I have spent all last week trying to figure out how to get my precious HP Mini to recognize space-age mass storage devices from 2014, when this little baby was in its prime in 2002.

HP Mini? I love you. Don’t ever think otherwise. We just got you a little Pod to store all your stuff in, is all.

And now we’re ready to boogie.

So here we are, friends – that post I started last week:


I’m on a diet, of sorts.

A self-prescribed sort-of fast until Easter.

Spiritual preparation by way of cookie denial.

I’m weeding out sweets and grains, because, well, I love them. And if they’re gone, then I’m thinking about them a lot. And my own personal deal with me is that when I start to think about them, I will shift from my shallow cravings and enter into prayerful presence instead.

I don’t really know what topics will invade that presence, but I’m expecting that God will fill the gap.

He’ll fill the space in my heart that usually feels like it needs a cupcake, and something much more substantial will rise to my attention.

I’m not sure yet what’s going to bubble to the surface. Maybe I won’t be praying at all, just feeling and being.

I’m in dire need of restructuring, because the whole world right now seems like that’s all there is. . . the world. I feel too connected to it and the hamster wheel, and I want a path off.

On Wednesday, I ordered Jen Hatmaker’s 7, An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess.

Friday it arrived.

I’m eyeballing you, Jen – because it seems we’re on the same page and I didn’t even know we would be.

That’s not serendipity, it’s holy timing.

I was craving movement, and it’s arrived via sugar deprivation and Amazon Prime.

Forced and pre-meditated mindfulness every time I put (or don’t put) food in my mouth. No autopilot during breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

I’ve already failed twice.

Did I tell you this is only day three?

I collapsed on Thursday night when my husband and the two littlests presented me with dessert (I had to eat if of course, or their feelings would have been hurt), and Friday night because it’s pizza night (bread), and I couldn’t force the effort to prepare something solely for me.


Uh. . .  we might have something here.

Please God, don’t show me I’m lazy. If I am, it certainly would be easier and more fun to stay that way. Do I need to work harder at life?

Obvs, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

On another note?

Check this out:

Daisy, and an urban-chic vase made from recycled materialspebbles and chalkManchego and Chorizo Egg Tarte

Photos taken with the new cam. (We’ll be discussing pics one and three (Manchego and Chorizo Egg Tart, anyone?) sometime in the very near future. . . .)

I haven’t decoded much of it yet, but it was a Bday surprise from several of my Lovelies. Endless ♥’s to you.

All I can say is, WOW.

It’s pretty much rocket science. (Kiddning.Notkidding.  NOT.  KIDDING.)

I’m not sure how long it will take me to move off auto/no flash mode and the original lens. That’s how far I made it yesterday in 97 minutes: Auto, no flash, original lens. (Actually – that last one with the flaky crust? Taken off of auto-mode thankyouverymuch.)

Maybe I’ll be praying for camera intelligence too, especially of the rocket scientist variety.

(Oh, Amazon. You are the vehicle for answered prayer again: There is a DSLR For Dummies book. Hallelujah.)

4 thoughts on “Almost Easter, an Almost Fast, and A New Camera

  1. CONGRATS on the new camera! I can’t wait to see that egg tart. And happy belated birthday, and belated Easter (hope it was fantastic, and I hope you’re elbow-deep in jelly beans by now).

    • Oh, I was elbow-deep alright. Such an unhealthy binge day for me!! Every Easter it’s the same – I ate enough jellybeans to outweigh a newborn baby. That can’t be good.

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