Dear Reader – (day 18) Complete Randomness

Dear Reader

Dear Reader –

I have absolutely no idea what to write today.

So maybe I’ll be utterly off the cuff and random – like one of those “right now” lists that circulate through Facebook.

Right now I’m sitting at my kitchen table, still in my workout clothes from three hours ago. I worked on a couple of paintings, but I’m feeling stumped there too – which is why I switched to writing. Pfff.

I’m listening to Imagine Dragons, and currently I’m drinking a glass of room temperature water but I really want coffee. Preferably Starbucks. I have an addiction. It’s bad.

I’m thinking I probably should eat, and noticing I’m not really hungry, which tells me I only want to eat because both writing and painting are frustrating me at the moment.

Usually, when I get stumped creatively, I head over to and watch a video to get me going. . . but then I feel like my finished products look too much like the work of the artist whose teaching. Which is ok, I guess, as long as I keep doing and doing and doing the different kinds of art I’m learning until they morph enough to be my own.

I have a half-finished menu plan (for the week) on the table, even though it’s already, um, Thursday?

I thought I had to run to the grocery store today, but I’m avoiding that too. Once I realized I have everything I need for dinner tonight, I scratched that errand off my list. Although, it’s starting to sound attractive now that I can’t kick my brain into creative gear.

No. I’m going to do it.

I am.

I can’t write today, but I’ll force something creative out in ink or paint, dang it!

Until tomorrow, friends. When hopefully I’m a little more interesting.

Oh – and PS – this is what I WISH we were having for dinner. Because they were Good with a capital ‘G’. Parm-Style Chicken Sliders by Cooking Light. (Photo cred goes to them too.)

Parm-Style Chicken Sliders Recipe

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